Our Services

We are here to make your life easier – our Laundromats clean all types of garments and fabrics in one hour only. We offer several services:

Wash – Dry – Fold

Too busy to spend hours washing laundry? Let us wash-dry-fold your laundry. Bring your bag of laundry to us and we will wash, dry and neatly fold your clothes. You can collect your folded laundry as per your convenience on the same day during our working hours.

You wash – we dry and fold

Do you have time to wash at home but struggle to get the clothes on the line? You can reduce the cost but still have all the benefits of a laundry service by dropping off your clean, wet laundry and we will dry and neatly fold.

Do It Yourself

If you prefer washing laundry on your own, come to any of our outlet. It just needs 4 minutes of yours to load and take out your laundry from our easy to operate machines. Rest of the time you can enjoy your favourite music, watch tv, read magazines, go online with our free wi-fi, or chit chat with friends in an air-conditioned lounge.

Pick-up & delivery

We come and pick your soiled laundry and deliver clean folded laundry right at your doorstep. We save your valuable time so that you do the things you enjoy doing!

Corporate Laundry

When you are busy with your clients and keeping your business moving, we can assist you with laundering of your uniforms, aprons and kitchen items, tablecloths, sheets and towels etc. A hot wash with solvent is available for heavily soiled items that is ideal for removing food stains and grease on clothes.